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I made an awesome clickbait post about my portfolio, you won’t believe what happened next

Hi, I’m Mathias Vanthienen, a product developer and graphic designer from Belgium. I’m slightly eccentric, a bit nerdy, I have a lot of imagination and I’m very energetic and loud.

So I recently graduated as a product developer at the University of Antwerp, which meant that I came to the chapter of my life where I had to start bothering companies with the question “Hey, so, will you hire me?”.

At this point I had made a portfolio which looked plain, professional, boring & mature like everyone else’s portfolio. Heading out with this portfolio felt uncomfortable, like wearing tight underwear.

At some point during my internship at Undefined an idea started to develop. It started with a retro game concept CV, but eventually I took it to the next level and got my SEGA games collection from the attic to completely ruin these beautiful collector’s items by replacing the original contents of the case with my own crap. (I actually got angry nerds after me when I was looking for more cases on the internet and explained what I was going to use them for, how barbaric of me.)

This is the final result, a neat portfolio concept which nicely represents what I stand for. Time to land an awesome job.


Each case contains a printed CV, a printed portfolio (A6 format) and a USB stick with the digital files.


Contents 2





Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want one of these or if you think I’m of interest.

UPDATE: My portfolio made the news.

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